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What’s the Best Clash Royale Deck?

Everyone would have asked at one point in playing this game, “What’s the best Clash Royale deck?”. In reality, it all boils down to your own skill preferences and playing style. Of course, there are a few non-negotiable basic decks that follow a certain pattern. It is this pattern that we’ll be discussing here.


Best Clash Royale Deck: A matter of subjectivity?


We believe the “best Clash Royale deck” is really quite subjective as it be largely dependent on your natural playing style.

A basic deck should consist of a range of abilities. That means DPS, Tank, Attack, Defense, Aerial, Ground, Ranged and Close.


Our popular choices


A popular favorite is the Prince, an Epic card. He is not expensive elixir wise, and once leveled up appropriately, can take on the Princess towers by himself.


The Giant Skeleton is also a pretty good choice. He is a great tank, and is able to push out DPS (Damage Per Second). When he dies, he literally goes off with a bang, too. Using the skeleton as a defensive piece is a smart way to handle the enemy.


Wizard is another great card to use. He’s low in HP, so it’s best to put him behind a tank he can’t outrun. Pairing him with the Giant Skeleton is not a bad idea since the Giant Skeleton moves quicker than the Giant or the P.E.K.K.A.


Next up is the Elite Barbarians! They are fast, high DPS, and a great idea for a rush attack!


And lastly, we’ve got the Skeleton army. It’s perfect for wiping out Giants and other uber high DPS cards very quickly and if you’re not defended against them, you’re in trouble. The Valkyrie is a good choice for countering the skeleton army with the swings of her ax.

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Download Clash Royale Now!
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