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How to Join a Clash Royale Clan?

Hi! If you’re looking to join or recruit people for a Clash Royale clan, then you’re in the right place.

Clash Royale clan know-how


Firstly, for those looking to join, search the clan under “search”, or see one from clan recommendations. Open the selected clan and you will see a “join” button. It’s actually pretty straightforward.


If you are eligible for the clan after reading the required conditions, you will be able to instantly join it.


Some clans are set to “Invite Only”. In such cases, you will have to send an invite request. If the members of the clan like your profile, then they will accept your request to become a member. If not, they will reject your request, most of the times without explanation. Upon rejection, you’re able to send another invite message only after 24 hours.


Looking to recruit?


The best you can do is keep your clan open (public), set the required trophy count as low as possible, and give your clan a simple but unique name (makes it easier to pop up in a clan search).

You can also indicate on the criteria that you 1. Guarantee joiners co-leader status 2. will initiate tournaments as often as possible 3. invite as many people as you possibly can, and 4. get as many people that you know in real life to join your clan. It’s very simple and straightforward. The rest is just waiting and keeping an open mind.

Once you’ve got a few players sticking with the clan, encourage card donations, promote the best donators. Make the most active players elders. For players that aren’t active or aren’t contributing to the clan, kick them out. They’re just dragging the rest of the clan down.

You’ll need to set some realistic contribution goals so at first you’ll probably want to set low standards. When elders continue contributing well, promote them to co-leader. Save that honor for the most active and most generous contributors though, as you’ll want to create an incentive to stay in the clan long term.

Download Clash Royale Now!
Download Clash Royale Now!
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