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How to Get People to Join Clan in Clash Royale?

Feeling lonely with no one in your newly formed clan? Here’s what you’ve possibly done wrong, and how to fix it. Read on to learn about how to get people to join clan in Clash Royale. Having a close knitted community in Clash Royale, even if it’s an online thing, is not such a bad idea.

Here in the Clash Royale community, you can meet like-minded folks, practise with them, and donate cards. It’s a sweeter win if you’ve got loot to share amongst the clan, than if you are always winning for your own benefit. Sure, you may meet some rude folks and those who could care less for community, but those are just bad eggs. More often than not, if you’re a passionate player or a skilled one, you’re bound to make pretty good clan-friends.

How to get people to join clan

1. Increase your Trophies.

2. The top three members must have a good number of trophies as they contribute for around 60% of total clan trophies.

3. Ask your friends who play Clash Royale to join your clan.

4. Join Facebook Clash Royale groups and advertise your clan there.

5. Have a catchy or cool name and description. Don’t go for something silly. No one wants to join a clan that sounds stupid.

6. Hold regular tournaments if possible.

7. Have elections for elders and co-leaders the clan.

8. Ask your clanmates to tell people about your clan.

9. Last but definitely not the least: be nice and fair to your clanmates. Yup, and that’s all for knowing how to get people to join clan in Clash Royale.

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