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How to Get Better at Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is an intensely addicting game that millions are playing worldwide. It’s a strategic game of wit and luck that consists of 1 v 1 battles or 2 v 2 battles. The main aim of the game is to knock down more towers than the opponent. For every tower you knock down, you gain one crown. The famous phrase, “I’ve three crowned you!” is thus coined from this notion of bringing down all three towers of the opponent, and it’s a pretty impressive feat, especially if you go up higher in the later stages. So, how to get better at Clash Royale? We share some useful tips with you here.


How to get better at Clash Royale?


Don’t play with emotions, play with patience and mindfulness


When playing Clash Royale, it can be very intimidating to watch your enemy as he prepares to launch an assault on you. But it gets even tenser when their other units start smashing your towers into oblivion. You see guys, the temptation to engage your troops to fill the void and resist attacks is always there. That’s how the game is and you just can’t change it. But succumbing to that temptation is not how experienced players do it. They play with patience. You cannot afford to play Clash Royale guided by emotions, as that will only end in defeat. Especially when in a higher arena.

So the best thing to do is organize a fully-consorted attack with a host of complementary units to smash down the offending opponent. But if you find yourself in the middle of a battle that you are winning already, just carry on with the backup that you already have. There is one very important thing to note down in Clash Royale. If your fighting skills are rigorous and you end up taking down the enemy’s King Tower, you will win automatically, having secured 3 crowns. This is how you get better at Clash Royale!


Hold your horses awhile

If you happen to bring down a tower and your troops begin advancing towards your opponent’s King Tower, hold your peace.

Meanwhile, the enemy will be working on one of your outer towers to cause destruction. If they do this, you must let them. What this means is that their troops will be very far away from their king tower, and by the time they think of defending it, you would have seized it.

If you’re not confident, don’t take the risk. Play safe and defend well. So in Clash Royale, you can upgrade and buy troops (from the shop) using an in-game currency called “Gold”. When you start playing Clash Royale, there will be a greedy feeling. You will be tempted to use every piece of gold you have on upgrades. But you must resist the urge and only upgrade when you have to. Try some decks and after you have the main deck, upgrade only those cards which are part of your main deck. In our opinion, upgrading commons before rares is more beneficial. Being able to control the greedy urges is how to get better at Clash Royale, too.

Each day a new Epic card will go on sale for 2,000 gold pieces. If you’re in the legendary arena, the legendaries cost 40,000 gold pieces. A common card will cost you 2 gold pieces, then increase card after card that you buy, and rares cost 40 gold and they too increase in cost.

Yup, and these are the best ways to improve in the game. Wondering how to get better in Clash Royale? We hope we’ve answered all your questions!

Download Clash Royale Now!
Download Clash Royale Now!
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