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How to be good at Clash Royale?

There’s no one who downloads a game thinking that they want to be bad at it. Naturally, we want to be good at the games our friends and family are playing. If you’re wondering how to be good at clash royale, then know that thousands of other people are also asking this question.


How to be good at Clash Royale


There are a lot of tactics and strategies to win at Clash Royale.


Here are a few that will help beginners. The most important is that you need a balanced mix of units. You should have some strong and some weak units. Don’t spend all of your elixir on strong units.

The most important type of units to have in your deck are units that can attack air forces, units that can destroy towers, and units that can defend your towers. You should wait for your elixir to completely fill before dispatching units.

Also, know your elixir averages so you can time when your cards will be put down.

In this case, the lower the time then the better you will be at the game.


Let the losing tower go


Finally, if one of your towers is definitely going to be destroyed then go ahead and abandon it.

Send those units out to attack an enemy tower instead of wasting them to protect an asset that will definitely fail. It will be a waste of resources.

Also, make sure you work on improving your cards as you play. You need to focus on which cards you use and upgrade them accordingly. Be aware of the cards’ ability as you grow in levels.


Not all cards are created equal


Sometimes an Epic card isn’t worth keeping because it just isn’t powerful enough. Focus on upgrading the Epic cards you use and lose the others as you gain levels. While keeping a balanced deck make sure you improve cards that align with your play style. If you are extremely aggressive then upgrade faster moving units. However, if you prefer to remain on the defensive during the game improve units that can take a lot of damage.

Even though you need to play according to your own style, don’t neglect to keep a balance in your deck or you will have problems as you play against stronger opponents. These tips should get you thinking about your game strategy until you are comfortable enough with the game to move on to more advanced tactics.

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Download Clash Royale Now!
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