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How to Always Win in Clash Royale?

It’s an ugly feeling to always be losing. That’s why we came up with this guide on how to always win in Clash Royale. It’s not rocket science, but it can be a little tricky and off the beaten track. But stick with us to see if you’d like to carry out this method.


How to always win in Clash Royale


The easiest way to maximize your chances of winning in Clash royale is to keep your trophies low. Somehow, to lose is to win. How does this work? Keep losing in high-ranking arenas so you get transported into the lower ranked arenas with your already strong cards. You can assure yourself that winning is in the bag unless someone else is doing the same to you.

If you want more advanced cards, you can drive up your trophy level to get to the arena where you can unlock the card, and then when you have it, lose battles in 1 on 1. This will drop your trophies, and you will then get to a lower arena with weaker players where you can win easily.

If you want to always win without losing your trophies then you will have to end up playing with more advanced players. In this case, you must try sticking to 2 vs 2 battles and other challenges that don’t award you trophies.

This ultimately means that you can keep opening chests to increase your cards’ levels within your deck, but still keeping at a lower player level when it comes to combat.

There is no set way to guarantee that you’d win in the 2 vs 2 battles or the lower ranked arena 1 vs 1 ones, though. Unless you’re already pretty good in the really high arenas.

Also, to help maximize your chances, you need to look at working with a balanced deck with a spread of elixir costs (an expensive deck can leave you stuck). We would suggest an average elixir cost of between 3.5 and 4. If you use a cheap deck with lots of quick-draw cheap cards, you will find that lack DPS to win. The last tip: While building your deck, make sure that you can defend against land and air attacks!

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