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How much Data Does Clash Royale Use?

Are you logged on in Clash Royale for hours on end at home because you’re worried the toll it might take if you switch to mobile data? Then join the rest of us! Find out how much data does Clash Royale use here!


So… How much data does Clash Royale use?


Since it has pretty good design and gameplay with excellent graphics for a mobile-based game, it’ll definitely cost a decent amount of Data.


The amount of Data consumption depends purely on the level of usage by the end player. If you are a  very active player like most of us on the team, then it would cost approximately 2GB per month. We play an average number of 4 hours every day.


If you use it seldom then it wouldn’t cost more than 1 GB of data in our opinion.


However, we have an option to control the background data usage with the help of your android phones inbuilt feature of data usage monitoring and control.

Clash Royale sends us notifications regarding the status of chests, new quests, and time to request cards from clans. It’ll also send notifications if the war has started or if it has ended.


How to reduce usage


This such notification shall be disabled by us in order to avoid background data usage when not playing the game. There are a lot of apps available in the android play store to limit data usage in the background.


If you are not an addictive player like the many others, then don’t worry about the data consumption. It will also be comparatively less compared to other kinds of online games saturated with third-party ads.


The best part of this game is that it is ad-free and only in-game purchases are existing so it’s pretty nice to play this game without any hassle. We believe that you would definitely enjoy this game once you start playing it as it is a very addictive game. So keep an active check on your data usage!

Download Clash Royale Now!
Download Clash Royale Now!
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