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How Many People Play Clash Royale?

Are you wondering about how many people play Clash Royale?

On the 2nd August 2012, Supercell released Clash of Clans. That game was met with an incredible enthusiasm from gamers everywhere. So it’s no wonder when Clash Royale was released 4 years later, in January 2016, millions around the world also fell in love with it.

In the month of March 2016, Finnish game studio Supercell announced on video that Clash Royale had passed the milestone of 100 million active players per day, all over the world! Wow!

The Finnish company increased its workforce in 2017. Supercell employed 213 people at the end of 2016 to bring this number to 241. The company also announced last month that it has invested $4.2 million in the London studio TrailMix Games. This is so they can continue their company’s trend and interest in investing in other video game makers.

How does the game work? You have to destroy the three enemy towers while your opponent tries to destroy yours. The first to succeed in 3 minutes wins the fight. As a reward, the winner will receive cards, gold (to buy cards or boost their properties), gems (to buy gold and chests) and trophies (which you lose with each defeat).

But Clash Royale is not just an isolated strategy game: it allows you to play against other connected players too. You can also join clans (from level 3) and to participate in tournaments (from level 8). We hope we’ve answered your question on how many people play Clash Royale!

Download Clash Royale Now!
Download Clash Royale Now!