Clash Royale Guide: The Ultimate Formula to be the Best Clash Royale player

Want to know everything about Clash Royale? Our fan-site team created an all-in-one Clash Royale guide just for you. Get some in-depth analysis for different cards and decks combinations, the latest updates by the game developer Supercell and also exclusive cheats and hacks for the game!

Clash Royale is a popular real-time multiplayer game starring all your favorite characters from Clash of Clans and one of the best mobile game of 2016. Lead the Clash Royale to victory! Download Clash Royale and start playing now!

Have you already download the game? You may want to read on about the Clash Royale characters, builds, and latest updates on the game development. We’ve gathered some pretty wicked cheats and hacks for this Clash Royale guide to make your gaming experience easier and more fun! Read on to understand more 🙂


Clash Royale Characters

From the creator of Clash of Clans comes to a one-on-one duels starring your Clash of Clans characters and many more. Clash Royale consists of troop cards, spell cards, battle arenas and battle decks.

Troop Cards and Spell Cards are divided into 4 different classes namely, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Battle Decks consist of 6 different cards to choose from troop and spell cards. There are 12 different levels of matchmaking in Battle Arenas. The higher ranked arenas come with strong players and strong battle decks.

It’s entirely dependent on whatever strategy you want to try out, or which cards you prefer to play with. At first, it may feel like it’s a trial and error thing, and that’s ok!

In order to shorten this process, our team has decided to compile all the information and reviews for the best decks and popular cards!

As we work out the best combinations of cards, we hope this guide serves as an effective tool for all our readers. Find out all you need to know about each card here!

Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common Cards

Legendary Cards: Lava Hound, Sparky, Mega Knight, Inferno Dragon, Lumberjack, Electro Wizard, Night Witch, Magic Archer, Princess, Ice Wizard, Royal Ghost, Bandit, Miner.

These cards have strengths and weaknesses – a popular favorite is Sparky, Princess, and Lava Hound. Sparky uses up six elixir but the output damage is superb! Princess, at only 3 elixir points, is a great one for long-distance fighting! Lava Hound isn’t very powerful, but it’s a great push and wall as you build armies behind it.

When it dies, the lava puppies get released and continue attacking the building or armies!

Epic Cards: Golem, P.E.K.K.A, Witch, Balloon, Giant Skeleton, Prince, Guards, Bowler, Cannon cart, Baby Dragon, Executioner, Dark Prince, Hunter, Skeleton Army

Popular cards in this Epic deck are: Skeleton Army (great for taking down large “tankers” like Giant or Giant Skeleton, P.E.K.K.A, or Sparky. Baby Dragon is a hot favorite too!

Rare Cards: Giant, Ice Golem, Three Musketeers, Wizard, Royal Hogs, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Hog Rider, Battle Ram, Flying Machine, Zappies, Mega Minion, Dart Goblin

Popular cards: Giant, Musketeer, Valkyrie, and Mini P.E.K.K.A. Mini P.E.K.K.A swings some pretty tough hits, but he gets annoyingly distracted a lot of the time.

Common Cards: Spear Goblins, Royal Recruits, Royal Giant, Fire Spirits, Bats, Elite Barbarians, Barbarians, Skeletons, Ice Spirits, Minion Horde, Rascals, Knight, Archers, Minions, Bomber, Goblins, Goblin Gang, Skeleton Barrel

Popular cards in this deck: Archers, Bomber, Minion Horde


Clash Royale Cheats and Hacks

Rumor has it that one cannot cheat in Clash Royale.

A popular website has recently posted about the scammy generators that claim to dispense free gems here. The conclusion? There are no cheats or hacks generator that is legitimate on the Internet. They’re all just chummy looking ruses. But back to the legitimate way of getting these Clash Royale cheats and hacks.

Best legitimate app to get free Clash Royale gems:


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Once you’re in the app (sign in through Facebook), you’ll see a bunch of apps on the home screen, along with their “rewards”. Choose which apps you’d like to download. You need to open the downloaded app and use it for at least 3o seconds in order for the system to register your presence. After an hour, you will get the points in your balance.

A good amount is about 300+ points. With these points, you’ll be able to purchase other Google Play related things and Clash Royale gems too! Hooray!

Download Clash Royale Now!
Download Clash Royale Now!